Top 5 Beginner Questions







Rules of Tae Kwon-Do

1. Will I struggle to keep up with everyone else?
No – the instruction is given so that you can set your own pace. Tae Kwon-Do will quickly improve your fitness levels – often within one month. 

2. Is Tae Kwon-Do just for young people?
No. Our clubs are focussed on individuals and family members of all ages. We are experienced in teaching all age groups.

3. What will I do in the trial lesson?
Your first lesson gives you a taster of the various basic punching, kicking and blocking techniques as well as a chance to practise some practical self-defence positions and stretching exercises. 

4. Is it a safe martial art?
Yes – your safety is paramount. You will receive clear instructions and demonstrations to illustrate how a technique should be made. Skills are built-up gradually and safely.

5. Should I join on my own or with my family?
Either. We welcome individuals and families – offering special discounted rates for families.

Just wear loose clothing on your trial lesson and join in the fun…*************************
Tae Kwon-Do encourages students to show respect and consideration towards each other.  Here are some of the ‘basic rules’ that support this philosophy:

1.  Bow when entering or leaving the training hall as a courtesey and tradition.
2.  Your instructor should be addressed as ‘sir’ or ‘maam’
3.  No jewellery or watches should be worn in the class for safety
4.  No caps or hats should be worn in the training hall
5.  All students must sign-in on the register
6.  Students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew chewing gum in the training hall
7.  Students must bring their licence books to each lesson
8.  The training hall should be kept clean and tidy at all times
9.  Junior students must not leave the training hall unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

10.  Mobile phones should be switched off before entering the training hall.